Current Projects

Currently, I am working on two on-going projects in the area of knowledge production that evaluate the impact of science funding on scientific productivity and PhD career outcomes.

1. Swiss National Science Foundation Mobility Fellowships: A Policy Evaluation

Cross-border training and work experiences have been sponsored by several public funding programs. The Marie Curie program for young researchers is an important example in Europe. In Switzerland, the Advanced Postdoc.Mobility fellowships represent one of the flagship Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) instruments supporting young researcherís mobility. The project investigates a series of questions: Do mobility grants boost opportunities for temporary mobility? Do mobility grants affect researchersí scientific productivity, enlarge researchersí collaborative networks, and boost researchersí academic careers?

2. Measuring the Effects of the SINERGIA Programme on Scientific Collaboration and Student Placement

The SINERGIA programme is one of the SNSFís funding schemes whose main goal is to promote the collaboration among research groups affiliated with different research institutions. In awarding a SINERGIA grant, the SNSF considers, among other things, aspects related to the research teams involved (the effectiveness of the potential collaborations proposed, the additional value created by exploiting the research complementarity and inter-disciplinarity) and aspects related to the promotion of young researchers involved in the project. Our project is inspired by these selection criteria, and we intend to evaluate how obtaining a SINERGIA grant affects the creation of new scientific collaborations, the promotion of interdisciplinary research, and the creation of junior researchersí employment opportunities.

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